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YJV Consulting Law firms and the Environment Singapore

Law firms and the Environment They Exist in Today’s Singapore

At a micro level, the estimated USD600 billion global legal industry is very much in transition, with many different disruptors entering the legal markets. Major Challenges faced by law firms #1 Disruptors Disruptors offering quality alternative legal services such as contract lawyers at a reduced cost, in my view is the biggest challenge. To counter […]

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Legal and Professional Firm Consultancy -mobile

Corporate Advisory & Consulting in Singapore

At YJV Consulting Pte Ltd, we specialise in Legal and Professional Firm Consultancy. We maximise your business’ financial efficiency and profitability, improving your operational efficiency, provide multidisciplinary solutions to complex business challenges. We can assist you with operational audits and reviews Maximising your business’ financial efficiencies and profitability Improving your operational efficiencies and office resourcing […]

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